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Andrew S. Bates

The Secret Ingredient of


Awesomesauce.  The epitome of Awesomeness.  And that's what you want your project to be, right?  Umm..TOTES.
So you've got it looking good.  I mean we're talking on fleek eyebrows good here. The words on the page are on point. You've got the perfect tunes to kick it up about 10 notches.   Now all you need is the secret ingredient.  The voice.  The voice that makes you laugh and laughs with you.  The voice that makes you feel like this is just a good dude and the kinda guy you know would have fun hanging out with, ya know?  Where the funny flies fast and furious when you're hanging with this guy.  And you always walk away with a grin, already reminiscing on the inside jokes and camaraderie that has swiftly bonded you.  And honestly, those jokes might sometimes be pretty bad, but that's kinda what makes them so painfully good!  And then comes that moment when things turn a little serious.  But you know he's listening.  And you feel you can trust him and his advice because you absolutely KNOW that he has your back.    His youthful energy charges you up and his infectious positivity brings a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye.  The lightning quick wit and comedic timing of your favorite late night talk show host coming from a voice that can sound like he might not actually be allowed to stay up that late.     This guy...and this voice...IS Andrew S. Bates.   And the insane thing is...this is barely scratching the surface of all the Crazy-Town Banana-Pants versatility ASB brings to the table if you might happen to be in the market for a dastardly villain, a monstrous beast, a menacing gangster, a cute, widdle bunny wabbit, or whatEVER your genius mind can come up with!  Seriously, this dude is a character.  Your very own sidekick.  A mannish-boy wonder ready to make you look good, have your back, and say the funny one-liner.   Holy Awesomesauce.  Let's do this, fam.

  • McDonald's

  • Nike

  • PBS

  • Primal Screen

  • MAC Federal Credit Union

  • Coca-Cola

  • LaRosa's

  • Foursquare

  • The Hillywood Show

  • The Video Game Years Show

  • Pace University

  • University of North Carolina - Wilmington

  • Tri-City Airport

  • Audible

  • ListenUp AudioBooks

  • Hachette Books

  • Penguin Books

  • Nickelodeon

  • Fanta

  • Ubooly Toys

  • JP Morgan

  • Preakness Horse Tracks

...And Many 



Who is ASB?

Back when ASB was a kid playing with his Dick Tracy action figures (Hey…don’t judge. That movie was cool…Back then...To middle schoolers.) his Mom would listen to him using all the different voices for all the various characters and would say over and over again how ASB should look into doing voices for cartoons.  Lil’ ASB’s response was always: “Moooooom.  Nobody really does that.  You can’t do that professionally!”  Cut to <mumble mumble> years later aaaaaand doing voices is all ASB wants to do.  (Psssst…don’t let his Mom know she was right.  He’ll never live it down!)

Nowadays, ASB is a professional Voice Actor and Dialogue Editor in the LA Area.  He has been fortunate to work and study with many esteemed voice actors and teachers such as Rob Paulsen, Bob Bergen, Debi Derryberry, Katie Leigh, Mary Lynn Wissner, Bob Carter, September Day and more.  ASB has provided voices for many animation projects, toys, commercials, video games, audiobooks, and can be heard as the industrial voice of several well-known companies.  He’s also a trained musician who sings, plays harmonica, and has a degree in percussion performance!   

Most notably, ASB is the voice of Spider-Man for Sphero’s Spider-Man Interactive Toy which has over 40 hours of content all voiced by him.  

Middle School ASB would be freaking out. 


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